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Welcome to The purpose of this website is to assist
people in planning travel to Italy. I offer two types of travel planning services,
Itinerary Planning and Travel Consultations. Also, if you happen to be an
Italian-American, I can assist you in finding Italian family you still might have
living in Italy, your Italian relatives. I also offer translation services,
to help you communicate with your new found Italian relatives. Allow me to help
you make your trip to Italy more than just a trip but an experience of a lifetime.
The Vittoriano
Aqueduct Claudio
St. Peter's Basilica
Mazzaro Beach
"Italy is a dream that keeps
returning for the rest of
your life."
Anna Akhmatova
Taormina, Sicily
We don't sell travel, just help you plan it. No agenda but yours.
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All photography by Craig Fiorenzo unless otherwise noted
The Colosseum, Rome
Rome, Italy
Trajan's Column
Trajan's Forum, Rome
The Trevi Fountain, Rome
Gondolas on a small canal in Venice.
Looking down the Via Fori Imperiali at the Colosseum.
Hello, I'm Craig Fiorenzo and
"Welcome to my website." I'm
pictured here on the
Fondamenta della Senza in
front of the Hotel Mori Ai
d'Oriente in Venice, Italy. I
would like the opportunity to
help you plan your trip to this
marvelous country.
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Enjoy the website.
Gondolas in Venice, Isola San Giorgio Maggiore in the background.
Sorry for the
Some things of Interest...
I personally use all of the services provided by the companies and support all the
businesses advertised on my website when I travel to Italy.
Travel nowadays is difficult enough, so
why not allow me to help you minimize
travel issues you may encounter while
traveling in Italy and maximize your travel
enjoyment. With a good plan, you can
save yourself time, money and minimize
frustrations that usually occur because of
things you were not aware of. Many of
these things are not related to schedules
etc., but are specific to Italian customs,
norms and just the way the Italians do
things. A good travel experience is not
just about hotels, restaurants and venues
but on "how" to negotiate your way
through Italy.
"Italy is ancient and modern, inviting and aloof, chaotic
and serene and contrary and harmonious. Italy is a
living labyrinth, full of dichotomy...let me help you
negotiate it."
Trevi Funtain  - Rome
The Colosseum - Rome
Canal in Venice
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Just returned in October from a trip to Italy with family and
friends. Here we are, below left at the Villagrande Winery,
Milo, Sicily, which is located on the southern slope of Mt.
Etna. Below, dinner at the
Il Grotto di Ulisse, in Taormina.
Gallery of
...along with its'
art and
antiquities, its
people and the
beauty of the
land,, Italy has
another offering
not to miss...
The Food!